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Lola's Event Kicks Off
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LB Waterfront Warriors Seeking Volunteers for
Wounded, Ill & Injured Solders Visit to LB in July

City Council Member John McLaughlin (l) and LBWW Co-chair Jerry Snell present the band, Badfellow, with Certificates of Recognition for money raised at a concert last year.

Hundreds of people from the local Long Beach community came out to support the Long Beach Waterfront Warriors first 2010 fundraiser at Lola's on May 3rd. Proceeds from the event will be used to support the second annual visit to our City by wounded, ill and injured soldiers and their families. Last year the LBWW's organization helped give sixteen families a few days of rest and relaxation here in Long Beach, and this year they plan to host almost thirty families from July 25 through 29, 2010.

The Whelan boys, Kevin Sean receive their Certificates of Recognition from McLaughlin and Snell.

City Council Member John McLaughlin, who spearheaded the project last year, was on hand to greet guests at Lola's, who each donated $50 for food, drink, entertainment and a chance to win raffle prizes. Many added to the cause by purchasing LLWW t-shirts, raffles and other merchandise, and Lola's owner, Marko McCarthy donated the restaurant provisions and his entire staff as well. 50/50 Raffle winner, Jimmy Hamil, immediately returned the prize money to McLaughlin.

50/50 winner Jimmy Hamill, donated the money back the Waterfront Warriors.

A screening of the LBWW's 2009 video, produced by Dave Feldman of E-Face Media, offered photos and video clips of the soldiers and volunteers at many of the events that took place last year."The video stands as testimony of the people of Long Beach who have shown extraordinary support for those in service to our country," said McLaughlin. "They were extremely generous with their donations, their time and their assistance to the families and events of last year, and we're very thankful to them all."

McLaughlin and Snell present awards to Captain Al's Fishing Boat crew, Bradley Phillips, Lexi Phillips and Oliva Phillips. Not pictured is Nicholas Phillips.

At a meeting held in April, volunteers signed up to assist to help with fundraising, events, barbeques and other activities that will take place in July. "We still need more volunteers to help at events, to act as family liaisons and, most importantly, for those who can welcome the families into their homes for the five days they will be here," McLaughlin said. At the meeting, McLaughlin and co-chair Jerry Snell presented Certificates of Recognition to some of last year's volunteers.

City Council Member John McLaughlin with LBWW board members and volunteers outside Lola's.

Proceeds from Lola's and the upcoming fundraiser at the Inn (July 18) will be used for transportation, entertainment and accommodations for the families. "In addition to the Long Beach events, we had the chance to use part of the proceeds from last year to ship packages to soldiers overseas during the holidays; to transport parents of wounded soldiers recuperating at Water Reed Medical Center; and for funding emergency medical help and other services to support the soldiers' needs," added McLaughlin.

The crowded bar at Lola's
Long Beach, New York Waterfront Warriors aiding wounded veterans and their families

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